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New PS Forum!

Posted by Fern on January 03, 2009 at 21:02:01:

Announcing to you our faithful participants the unveiling of the New Purposeful Singleness Forum!

Please let us know your thoughts ... what do you think of the topics: too many? not enough? too broad? too narrow? There's still time to do some changing and of course as we go along there will probably be changes and tweaks made.

Kelly has been working hard to sort though all the registrations of the past eight years, and will be launching an email announcement to all our registered users, which will probably start going out tonight and will continue for the next few days. You should be receiving yours soon, but in the meantime you are welcome to go ahead and register on the new forum and start posting.

We do ask that you choose the same username you have been using here, as that is the way your fellow PSers here will be able to identify you there. :)

Kelly is also going to be archiving this discussion board, so that all the old posts will still be intact to revisit in the future.

So ... we'll be saying adiós to this old format of interacting with each other, and we'll see you next on the New Purposeful Singleness Forum!

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